1. Sara

    So helpful, thank you for the great information 👌 FYI I was looking in Lomography yesterday, the prices seemed similar to SNAPPP also with the option for posting the film, but the time frame for developing was up to 10days

  2. Audrey

    For the shop near shilin night market do you know what’s the pricing for the developing + scanning? And for the rest of the shops how do they give you the scanned photos? Is it through email or via a CD/Thumbdrive? Thank you! Really loved this article and am looking forward to visiting these shops!

    • filmbasedtraveler

      I can’t remember the exact pricing, sorry! But the price won’t be too far off from other shops. They give the photos via CD. 🙂

  3. Colleen

    Hi! Love your blogpost! I’ll be going to Taiwan in June and this got me so excited to shoot film there. Question though: do you know where could I find cheap films in Taiwan and how much they cost? Thank you!

    • filmbasedtraveler

      I guess all the film shops that I listed in this blogpost sell films at reasonable price except SNAPPP and Lomography store 🙂

  4. Ross

    This is a really comprehensive list, thanks so much! How big are the files from Rainbow in the Sky, and do they email files to you or give a CD?

    Also, do you take 3 white photos first to ‘trick’ the machine into calibrating colours properly?


  5. Anji

    Thanks so much for the post! I’m living in Taipei and have been having some trouble finding cheap spots. My local friends recommended me spots for $150, but they were closed and I ended up finding what seemed like a popular spot that does it for $200 per role with no discount if you have more roles (I had about 5 to develop). And they took 5 days to do it. Good thing I didn’t get it developed there! Good to know there are much cheaper spots around. I will go try $60 one 🙂

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