1. Leonard

    Hi there! Awesome blog you have here. Did you face any issues bringing the D-76 powders through customs?

  2. Brian Carter

    Japan is great for those interested in photography, especially film photography. I found every city seems to have a “camera district” area with several different small camera repair shops. There were three or four shops within a block of each other in Hiroshima, and one had a (now) expensive grip for the Olympus OM-3 and OM-4 cameras at a very reasonable price. I also found excellent used lenses and bought a few bodies too. I visited other shops in Osaka and Kyoto, and every Yodabashi seems to have an incredible selection of film.

    BTW, I found you through your Taipei video. That was great. I think you should do more videos in that style — very inspiring. Also, come back to Thailand, there’s so much more than Bangkok! Ayutthaya, Sukhothai, and Chiang Mai for temples and ruins; Khao Yai and Doi Ithanon for wild jungles and nature; Krabi, Koh Samui, and Koh Phi Phi for great beaches and picturesque islands.

    Within ~2 hours and for under US$200 round trip, you have incredible opportunities to visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Corregidor in the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, and Sarawak in Malaysia to take some amazing pictures.

    I suspect you face the same challenge I do: work. It always seems to get in the way of travel.

    Thanks for the videos and the blog.

    • filmbasedtraveler

      I got mine from Yodobashi store. And disposable cameras are quite easy to find around Tokyo but more expensive than if you buy from the Yodobashi.

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