My impression of Hong Kong

Before I went to Hong Kong, I blog about bringing film through airport X-ray scan. I am back. Hong Kong was fabulous, so fabulous that I just booked an air ticket to HK again in December. So, more street shots of HK to come!!

Unhappy people

This was my third trip to HK. To be honest, HK is crowded and people are rude. Some are especially rude if you don’t speak Cantonese. But some are equally rude even if you are a local. I met my HK friend, Sharon, to have a taste of authentic HK style eatery, at a place called 荣记(东成)饭店 at Causeway Bay. The staff’s attitude were horrific. I can’t imagine the frustration they would portray when they can’t understand me.

Street photography

Causeway Bay, HK 2016

Anyway, it’s common for people to be rude. Sharon kept ensuring me that it’s not personal.  But I really can’t help feeling offended. There was once at 7-eleven, the staff was okay until my mum spoke to me in Mandarin. Upon hearing us conversing in Mandarin, their attitude changed (facial expression), and the cashier snatched the cash from my hand! In every eateries we went, there was never once they gave us acceptable service attitude. Sigh.

If such, why do I still patronise Hong Kong?

It’s the unspoken charm. Every country has her own attractive charm that attracts certain individual. HK is a paradise for street photography, especially Kowloon area. Their aging and cramp skyscrapers, their neon signs, their market streets full of stalls selling junks, their people, they are developed but still remains the developing aesthetic mood, are all fascinating in photographs. It’s their characteristics.

Sometimes we travel to the same place again and again is because the need to feel secure yet adventurous at the same time. There is no reason to explain why I want to visit the same place. It’s my choice, my money, my mind that is gonna feel happy.

If I can afford, I want to visit London every year. Haha!

I look forward to my next trip to Hong Kong in December. I am gonna visit some of the film shops, hopefully to buy films that are not common in Singapore.

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