I lost to my desire: Fujifilm Xpro-2 is in my hand

I have lost. I lost to my desire for a new camera because my heart isn’t content.

Actually I almost won, until my colleagues were discussing about paying a gaming desktop using installment. So I called Fujifilm Singapore and asked if I can do installment. They referred me to their authorised dealer, SLR revolution, who accepts installment. As there is currently a Christmas promotion, so for a Xpro-2, I will receive a free f2 35mm lens, hand-grip (not that I need), cleaning kit, printing voucher, spare battery and spare 16GB memory card, for a total price of SGD2606. It is $193 cheaper than buying directly from Fujifilm store. In the end, I paid full amount (from my hard-earned savings).


Do I feel happy?

Hmm… I feel somehow satisfied that I got a new toy. But deep down, I feel the disappointment with myself. I knew I would feel this because it’s not like the camera is a need. It’s definitely a want. I tried very hard to suppress the desire. But I find myself thinking about it every single moments.

Right now, $2606 from my savings is gone. Thankfully my bonus will come soon, which I will use it to top up my savings to its original ‘form’.

I also have been telling myself: Don’t be a slave to money. But I think this is just an excuse to make myself feel better, which doesn’t really help.

By ‘don’t be a slave to money’ means you need to be more generous to spend on meaningful area. Or when a certain money needs to be spent, you don’t be engulfed by sorrow. Note the word ‘need’.

In conclusion, I am not happy that I spent the money on a ‘want’. I am satisfied with the new camera but I am prepared of the imminent boredom of Xpro-2. I hope I’ll manage to sell off all my dSLR lenses so wish me luck!


  1. Interesting to read about your dilemma. I did it the other way around – I bought the X-Pro2 first, and later on an film Leica. Now i find my self desciding every morning on wich camera to put in my bag. More and more the Leica wins – but since I got an adapter for using my Leica manual focus lenses on the X-P2 I choose it more often. If I were you I would buy an adapter and try the old lenses. Check ebay – they are cheap…

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