Learning to be contented

Every morning, I walk to work. Normally I would use this time to reflect, day-dream, or simply just walk. I tried to do walking meditation but it’s quite difficult to focus on the present moment. Sometimes I would have different insights while reflecting on something, anything.

So the morning after I bought my X-pro2 after giving in to desire, I reflected.

I reflected on how an untrained mind is weaker than the heart. The moment someone told me X-pro2 is great and that Nikon D3300 has limited functions, my heart flickered. Instead of blaming myself for the lack of determination and hard work, I blamed the camera. Now that I have gotten the X-pro2, I am worried that I would be dependent on the camera to give me great photos instead of making full use of it to make a great photo.

Then, I reflected on how blessed I am, and I must learn to be contented to be happy.


Singapore, 2016 (film)

Since young, I have never need to worry about going without food on my dining table. Thanks to my very hard-working and responsible father.

I never need to worry about going to school without textbooks, pocket money, uniforms and stationery. Thanks to my father for his hard-earned money. Thanks to my mother for bringing me to school and ironing my uniforms.

Me and my brother always had the same toys each and never need to share. We had many toys and video games. Whatever we wanted, if it’s within what my father could afford, he would buy it for us.

Then came the education. Although education is a basic thing in developed countries, not many of my classmates can afford to go to universities. Some make it through by applying for loans or scholarship. Lucky for me, my father is very thrifty, he saved up, eating only breads for lunch, so that I could go to universities and not worry about school fee or loans.

I have seen that with money, we can do many things. For example, I could have gotten to medical school, vet school, dentistry, etc. Or I could be traveling around the world. Thankfully, I don’t remember ever blaming my father for not being able to afford. (I’ve seen people who really blame their parents for being poor instead of being grateful).

I am grateful that I managed to graduate with First Class Honours, and now have a job that pays me just right so I need not worry about rent and bills, etc.

Street photography

Hong Kong, 2016 (film)

Every morning, when I open my closet, I have clothes to wear, socks to wear, have a few shoes and bags to match my outfit. I have breakfast on my table, money for lunch, dinner and grocery. At night, I have a comfy bed to rest, cuddling with my other half.

Basically, I have all the needs covered. My body is healthy, my mind is sound, my family is peaceful. I have the luxury to enjoy my hobbies (photography & blogging). I am not in a war-torn zone. Most importantly, I also have wi-fi :p

Hence, I must not wind about my life, my job, and my situation. I must count my blessings. I must also remember to be caring, have empathy, ¬†do more goods, create positive karma and treat others well. I must live my life based on Buddha’s teachings to obtain maximum happiness.

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