1. Vince Cheng

    I have mine developed at Output Pro Lab. Same prices as ImagePlayground but you can get them back in 2 hours.
    (Mon – Fri) : 12:30PM ~ 8:00PM
    (Sataurday) : 2:00PM ~ 7:00PM
    (Sunday/Public Holidays) : 休息 CLOSED

    地址: 旺角新填地街 612 號 2 樓1/F
    612 1/F Reclamation Street; Mong Kok; Kowloon; Hong Kong

  2. Vince Cheng

    I have tried developing three rolls of BnW and color at Imageplayground. They were quite decent but the scans were of fairly low resolution though. Good enough for your laptop viewing but don’t expect too much.

  3. Sean

    I have been Hong Kong for 3 months. I found “Showa film & camera” is the best quality. 2 hours for the color negative. 35mm in 3000×2000. It is much cheaper than Aus!!!

  4. Just came back from HK and visited Dot Well & Showa. Indeed HK is a heaven for analogue film shooters. 🙂

    There’s also another shop just read about called HK Camera at TST Granville Rd.

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