1. i’m in love with the film photography. i have one of my film cameras everyday with me- together with a digital camera. my first experience in photography was a digital but i always loved the classic look of the film.
    yes – i love film photography but absolutely because of different reasons. i started with a cheap camera and some super cheap film, but after one year of using i got that i need something stable if i want to learn and not to be a prisoner of the random experiments and cheap camera bugs.
    film photography is money and time consuming “hobby” (if you dev at home – is time, and if you use some local service – is money)
    one who really want to learn photography – will learn what is Aperture also with digital or even smartphone.
    all this i write here because i’m worrying about prices and online presence of the old film cameras and also all around film developing – chemicals and film by itself.

  2. When I started with photography there was only analog photography. I started digital somewhere around 2002 or so and in 2014 I went back to analog.
    I can underline all you are saying and I learned that especially those who call me a caveman who surely uses a typewriter instead of a computer never ever used an analog camera and are simply afraid to use one.
    There is no better way to take photos than on film, it is alive and it’s users number is growing.

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