1. Carine

    HAHA you are so considerate to others! But…but…i was trying to get this Kodak film the other day on Taobao, but it’s all sold out :/ :/ :/ so i just bought Afga Vista instead, wonder all the kodak hyped but after reading your blog i guess i know why -.-

    • filmbasedtraveler

      hahaha! i’m sure they will restock the supply! Surprisingly this KodaK Color is also cheap in Taipei, pricing at sgd3+

      • Carine

        And i realized yesterday i already had 2 of this film lol i must have accidentally bought it before and i don’t remember :/

      • J

        Hahaha my email must have gave my identity away. Yup its me! Wanted to go back to film photography for quite some time but I never found any cheaper alternatives for developing the film back then so I gave up the hobby. I forgot all about my many film cameras gathering dust at home as a result, up until I came across your Fb post which led me to your website!

        • filmbasedtraveler

          Haha! why do you want to hide your identity -.- Anyway, dust off the dust and start shooting lah! :p

          • Jolene

            haha yeah i should probably start shooting, been very used to digital format, but my mum ran a photoshop biz for a long time so i was acquainted with film photography. maybe next time can go shoot with you when you’re in sg ? 🙂

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