1. I sometimes hesitate to use my iPhone for a serious photograph because I know it’s not going to give me the quality I want. Unless it’s a scene I don’t think I’ll see again. In that case I’ll make the photo regardless of the quality.

  2. Hi Nicole!

    I found your blog on like page 4 of a google search about using the 28mm lens for street photography, I’ve been through quite a bit of your posts, and this one (and the one about family snaps) have inspired me to leave a comment. I would say that I love making photos whenever and were ever. As far as the gear goes, I actually tried making serious photos using my iPhone for a good 6 months, a few of the photos I really liked, but I quickly bored of using my phone. That mantra of “the best camera is the one you have with you” doesn’t mesh with me, so I always say “have the best camera with you”, I started carrying point and shoots (like your Olympus XA) everywhere, so if there is a photo to be made, I have the best camera I can carry with me.

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