1. Rosemarie

    Hi there, thank you for this post! Sorry to trouble you but I need some help as I am not able to develop my film roll (Afgaphoto vista plus 400 Fujifilm 8583 400T) and the photos I took in this roll on a vacation means a great deal to me :(. I tried developing at a lab but they told me that the film roll is a movie film and they cannot develop it? Is there really no way for me to develop it? But as I read online (and your post), it seems like it is possible to develop this roll of film? I would really really appreciate your help! Thank you so much in advance!!

    • filmbasedtraveler

      Hello! Yes, Fujifilm 8583 400T is a motion film and you need to either send it to a lab that does ECN2 development or you can wash off the layer of Rem-jet with baking soda yourself before sending it to a normal lab. I don’t know where you are from, but in case you are from Singapore, there’s no lab here that does ECN2 developing. You have to send it nearest to KL, Malaysia. Read about the KL lab here.

      • Rosemarie

        Hey, thanks so much for your reply! I am from Singapore and I actually sent the film to Triple D lab and they couldn’t develop it for me. Is it still possible to salvage the photos? If it is not too much trouble, could you advise me on how to wash off the layer of Rem-jet with baking soda?

        • Rosemarie

          If I mail it as a parcel over to KL as in your post, do I send it over in its original condition now? 🙂 Thank you SO much for your help!

          • filmbasedtraveler

            Yup, if you send it over to KL, you can send the motion film in its original form. No need to do any washing beforehand. And I’ve never done washing before so I can’t advise you :/ but I heard you will need to wash in the dark and then hang dry before sending to lab. So I guess it’s safest to send to KL 🙂

  2. levi777

    Hey There,

    great article, I am travelling to Bangkok next month and I was wondering if should buy film there or before travelling. Do you know how much can simple fuji c200 cost there? What are the general prices for film? Thanks in advance,


    • filmbasedtraveler

      I think you can bring a few of your own and buy more when you are in Bangkok. I can’t remember the price of a FujiC200 and I think the films there are generally okay priced. Those that are expensive (FujiPro400H, Kodak BW, Portra & Lomo) are still expensive there.

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