Where to develop film in Tai Chung (台中)

Film is not dead in Taiwan.

Last time, I blog about where to develop film in Taipei. In my recent second trip to Taiwan, I explored further to other parts of Taiwan such as Tai Chung and Kaoshiung.

Fortunately, I managed to visit one film developing lab in Tai Chung. I believe there could be more.

Shi Guang 时光

This shop is actually a hybrid of cafe and film lab, which I think is a smart business concept. There are people who go there just to enjoy the food. There are also people like me, who go there to develop films. Besides food and film developing, they do sell a limited variety of films.

The turnover time for C-41 films stated in their webpage is within 1 day if below 3 rolls. However, the turnover time can increase to 2-3 days (happened to me) if they have high volume of films. When they are done scanning, they will share the images with you via Google Drive.

As tourist, I couldn’t wait 2-3 days in Tai Chung to personally collect the negatives. Fret not, the owner is very nice and offered to send the negatives back to Singapore at an extra charge of NTD150. Actually I am his first customer from Singapore that required mailing service. So, he gauged the mailing fee based on those for Hong Kong and Macau, which is NTD150.

Brief Details

Opening hours: Every day 10am-7pm, CLOSED on Wednesday.

Address: 中區仁愛街 13 巷 1 號 Taichung, Taiwan

It is located 20-min walking distance from TaiChung Train Station (Not HSR station). There are buses available and the bus fare is free of charge if your destination is within 10km from your boarding station.

Price for C-41: 140NTD for 135mm, 170NTD for 120mm & 110mm.

Price for ECN2 & BW: 190NTD for 135mm, 210NTD for 120mm. Turnover time is 2-3 weeks.

More details in their webpage in Mandarin here.

The Facebook link to this cafe is here.

Sample images

Fujifilm Premium 400
Rui Fang, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Cat, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Taipei 101, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Foggy Jiu Fen, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Breakfast, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)

Overall, the images are pretty decent. I would say the price is affordable if we compare to Singapore.

Anyway, it would be nice if their turnover time is 1-2 hours then I would have sat down and enjoy a cuppa while waiting for films. Just saying, not complaining.

Hope you guys find this blog post useful.

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Some sample photos from a variety of films:


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