Where to develop film in Tokyo

One year ago I went to Tokyo for a week and bought a lot of films.

Recently, I went to Japan again and chanced upon many film-related shops and had a great time ogling at their pristine film cameras and lenses. I also managed to visit some places that provide film developing services.

Popeye Camera

Popeye camera tokyo

I think Popeye Camera is one of the labs the local film shooters would recommend. From the vibe of their website, they look professional with films.

Popeye Camera is not located in central area like Shinjuku or Shibuya. However, it’s not out of reach. If you are travelling with friends, you might need to convince them to come with you or request some alone-time, haha! For me, I had to go to Shibuya Station and take Tokyu-Toyoko Line to Jiyugaoka Station. It’s only a 13-minute ride, 6 stops from Shibuya.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to try their services because firstly, it would take them 1 week to develop my films and by then I was already out of the country. But I reckon you might be able to request them to snail-mail your negatives back. Secondly, the price for developing and scanning was about SGD20 per roll!!

I was quite unwilling to spend because I was already low on budget lol.

Anyway, besides film developing, they also have their own camera bags/straps and products. Their film selection is similar to many typical labs but I was lucky to snatch the last Fuji Xtra 400 packs of 3 for 1555 Yen!! That’s about SGD20 for 3 rolls!

Kitamura Camera

Kitamura Camera Shibuya, film developing services

First of all, if you are a tourist like me, who have a tight schedule, then Kitamura Camera might be convenient.

Kitamura Camera has a branch in Shibuya which is surely a place most tourists will visit. The shop location is very near to Shibuya Station where the Hachiko statue stands. They are able to develop and scan C-41 colour films in 1 hour for about 1100 Yen (~SGD14) per roll. Yes, quite expensive.

Develop film in Shibuya, Kitamura Camera
1100 Yen for developing and scanning

Although I did not develop my films here, I believe their quality should be acceptable. Therefore, I would rather bring my films back to TripleD in Singapore, unless I had films with ISO of more than 800.

Besides developing films, Kitamura is by far the shop that satisfied me with their selections of films. At the time of my visit, they were having sales with their FUJICOLOR Industrial 100 and Instax Mini films.

Kitamura Camera films
Wide selections of films!

Noteworthy, Fujifilm has increased their film prices. I am sad.

Here are the lists of my loots and prices (tax-free):

  1. Instax mini- 2408 Yen for 40 sheets, so it’s 602 Yen per box of 10. About SGD7.50 to 8
  2. Instax Wide- 1440 Yen for 1 box. About SGD18, not cheap that’s why I bought only a box.
  3. Agfa APX 400 BW- 780 Yen per roll (~SGD 9.80)
  4. New Seagull BW- 590 Yen per roll (~SGD 7.50)
  5. Fuji Pro400H- 1180 Yen per roll (~SGD 15)
  6. FUJICOLOR Industrial 100- 448 Yen per roll (sales) (~SGD 5.60)
  7. Lomography 400 Color- 1680 Yen for 3 (~SGD7 per roll)


They also have many other films such as Kodak, Cinestill, Ilford and a varieties of disposable film cameras.

Be sure to pop by!


Next is the Yodobashi Akiba at Akihabara. It’s the largest Yodobashi in Tokyo. I visited the branch in Osaka to develop a roll to try. The quality is alright. I believe most Yodobashi should have developing services.

Last year, they had many varieties but now, the selection looks pathetic. If you want to buy films, Kitamura is a better choice. But over here, you can buy the kits for self-developing of black-and-white films. I bought a pack of 1-litre D76 developing powder for 584 Yen. They also have developing tanks, tray and some other tools.

Bic Camera

I did not visit Bic Camera at all but my Japanese friend told me that they do have film developing services. I believe it’s commercial, similar to Yodobashi and Kitamura Camera.


I strongly believe there are many places in Japan that provide developing services professionally or commercially. It’s just not easy for us to find unless we can google in Japanese or have local friends to recommend to us. But would you spend more money to develop your films in Japan?

Anyway, hope this blog post has been useful for you!




  1. Vnj

    Hello! Film rolls aside, are toy cameras like Superheadz common and easy to find in Japan? I haven’t been able to get much information off google.

    • filmbasedtraveler

      Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to toy cameras. But in my memory, I don’t think it’s easy to find it casually.

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