Universal Studio Japan on Fujifilm disposable film camera

I have heard so much about Universal Studio Japan (USJ), especially their Harry Potter park. So happy I managed to go!!!

We were blessed with clear and cool weather (late May). The experience in USJ was definitely better than in USS (opps) mainly because of the weather.

Anyway, I made the right choice of getting a disposable film camera instead of my Leica M6 into the park. With a disposable camera, I didn’t need to worry about weight, size and lost. Most importantly, I didn’t need to be protective as I would have when I use my Leica, so I could fully focus on having fun with the rides.

You can find a Fujifilm disposable film camera almost anywhere in Tokyo or Osaka. The thought of bringing disposable camera appeared to me the night before USJ trip. I basically just dashed to any late-night drug store and purchase one. I think I bought mine at about 800Yen, which is slightly more than SGD10+. You could get it a few Yen cheaper at Yodobashi or any shops that sell camera stuff. Anyhow it is cheaper than buying in Singapore.

The Amazing Adventure of Spiderman USJ
Spiderman ride USJ
The flying dinasour USJ
The Flying Dinosaur USJ
Minion USJ
Minion Park USJ
Snoopy USJ
Snoopy USJ
Universal Studio Japan
Butter Beer at USJ
Butter Beer!

This was my second time having Butter Beer which brought back the fond memories of my time in Warner Bros Studio Tour in UK.

You can briefly see the crowd of a Thursday in late-May. So many people! We bought the Express Passes and I swear it was very worth my money!

Hogwarts Castle
Hogwarts Castle
Flying Ford Anglia
USJ in the evening
Evening shot of USJ

The pictures coming from a disposable camera never disappoint because I used it to shoot distant objects. None of my photos are out of focus actually. Even the butter beer is quite visible. I am pleased with the quality of sharpness and focus given the plastic lens from a one-time-use camera.

With the nice weather and brightness, none of my shots are underexposed. Even in dim condition, I can just switch on the flash. So glad I brought this no-brainer option into the park!

On a side note, I developed this at Yodobashi Osaka for about SGD14+. The quality of the scan is similar to many commercial film shops.

I took many rolls of films in Japan and have not yet develop them. So look forward to more blogposts 🙂




  1. I can relate to the babying of your equipment and GAS related ailments =)

    You can re-use the disposable camera, at least the Kodak ones. Open up the housing snaps using a screwdriver and reload with your own film. The only thing is you have to wind the film onto the spool in a dark bag. As you shoot, the exposed film is taken up onto the your film cartridge. i also tape the seams just in case.

    It makes a fun and useful camera for my kids.

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