Develop film in Singapore- Whampoa Colour Centre

It’s been a while since I have my films developed in Singapore.

Recently, due to the Covid-19 situation, I can neither go to Hong Kong/Thailand or send my films to Darkroom8 in KL, all of which are my alternatives outside Singapore.

So I have decided to bring my films to Whampoa Colour Centre in Balestier because I have heard positive comments about this lab.

Whampoa Colour Centre

I started shooting films since late 2016. After almost 4 years of procrastination, I finally made my trip to this ‘ulu’ place (I live in the West). Actually, it wasn’t as remote as it seems.

Whampoa Colour Centre opens on Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 7.30pm and 10am to 7.30pm on Saturday.

Anyway, the whole process is similar to other labs:

  1. Greet the friendly staff (aunty & uncle)
  2. Put out your films
  3. Fill in a form with your email and phone number
  4. Pay (NETS or cash) and get your receipt
  5. The photos will be sent to your email vis WeTransfer
  6. Your negatives will be kept by them for up to 6 months

I dropped 5 rolls of C-41 films close to 6pm and I received the photos around 8pm. The turnover time is so fast.


Whampoa Colour Centre has two types of scan: 4 Base or 16 Base.

I think 4 Base scan is of lower resolution, aka low quality scan. Based on my n=1 encounter, the lab will recommend and offer you the 16 Base scan by default, unless you specify otherwise.

For C-41, it costs $10 for developing + 4 Base scan. $12 for developing + 16 Base scan. $5 per roll if develop only.

For Black & White, processing is only $10. Developing + 4 Base is $15. Developing + 16 Base is $17. The turnover time for Black & White is longer. But I didn’t ask.

Unfortunately, they only have C-41 and BW developing services.


These are the overdue photos of my last trip to Osaka, Japan in September 2019. The camera used was Leica M6.

Fujfilm Premium 400
Osaka, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Osake, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Playground in Osaka, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Kyoto, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Street of Kobe, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Kobe, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Marine Park in Kobe, Fujifilm Premium 400 (2019)
Fujifilm Premium 400
Vibe of Fujifilm Premium 400 in Singapore (2019)

Below are the photos on Tudor Color 200, by Olympus mju ii.

Tudorcolor 200
Tudorcolor 200 (2020)
Tudorcolor 200
Street of Singapore (2020)
Tudorcolor 200
Koh Yao Noi (2020)
Tudorcolor 200
Selfie (2020)
Tudorcolor 200
Sunrise in Koh Yao Noi (2020)

Selling affordable films

Another amazing thing about this lab is that they sell films at cheaper price! The auntie said because their profit is lower.

1 roll Fujifilm Xtra 400: $8.50
3 rolls Fujifilm Premium 400 (36): $38
1 roll Fujifilm Pro400H: $17
1 roll Kodak Gold 200: $5.50
1 roll Kodak UltraMax 400: $6.50
1 roll Fujicolor 200: $8.00

I believe there should be more varieties but I didn’t take note.


Overall, I am satisfied with the service and scan by Whampoa Colour Centre. Just that the price came as a shock for me initially. If you want slightly cheaper option (cheaper by $0.50), visit Triple D.

What I can do to save money is to shoot mindfully so that I get maximum satisfiable photos from a roll haha! In conclusion, I will still go back to this lab for my subsequent films.

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  1. if you buy film from them, they’ll give you a $1 discount coupon per roll for future devscans!

    i frequent them often and am really happy with their service. Quick turnover, cheap film and really, really friendly service. its my go to for every roll!

  2. The premium 400 shots look good, havent tried them myself, shall do so soon HAHA. And ikr, the whole COVID-19 means no shooting and no developing for at least 1 month.

    • filmbasedtraveler

      I saw it on Singapore Film Group, someone posted that the shop is opened. Maybe you can call the shop? The phone number is 6250 6922

  3. jack

    I am retired and getting back into film photography,I have been using digital for some time, its a simple matter of uploading from my digital camera to my Mac computer to process the photos, I am unfamiliar to load film photos to my Mac computer so I can do the same.
    Can the film negatives be put on a disc when developed if so how do I transfer from a disc to the Mac for using Photoshop and similar programmes

  4. Nicholas

    Hi! Great blog posts, however am new to Film and do you perhaps have a few places to recommend for cheap films to get from in sg?

    • filmbasedtraveler

      Hmm… It’s quite hard to get cheap films in Singapore so I used to buy from overseas/online (Taobao, eBay). Maybe you can try Carousell? πŸ™‚

    • filmbasedtraveler

      I would recommend 16 Base scan unless you specifically need the photos purely for Instagram then I think 4 base is enough.

  5. fiz

    i accidentally fully rewind all my film inside the canister, will they help u to take it out when developing & do they charge u for it?

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