Film Never Die ISO 200

Film Never Die 200. Let’s get straight to the point.

I was attracted by the package design of this film. The bright yellow and the weird evil Japanese sumo head. I got Film Never Die 200 from Taiwan two years ago. It wasn’t very expensive if I recall correctly.

Film Never Die 200

Film Never Die 200
Bin in Singapore, 2020
Film Never Die 200
Emptiness of Raffles Place, 2020
Film Never Die 200
Post-lunch nap, 2020
Film Never Die 200
Wall Art, 2020
Film Never Die 200
Chinatown, Singapore 2020

Look at the background of the photo above. Is the sky overexposed or was there haze? I am quite sure it wasn’t haze. If such, does it mean Film Never Die doesn’t have large latitude for overexposure?

Film Never Die 200
Nice name, 2020

Looking through all of the film photos of Film Never Die 200, I feel that the signature of this film is its yellowish hue. It’s so warm.

Personally, I don’t fancy warmy photos. Furthermore, being a ISO 200 film, I think the photo outcome looks a little noisy (At least on my laptop, it might look good on your phone). But again, I didn’t expect much from this film because it is not very expensive.

This film also reminds me of the low range film from Fujifilm (For example, Fujicolor C200).

Will I use this film again? Hmm… It will not be my first choice.

Anyway, if you haven’t read, here is the link to a more informative blog about this Film Never Die 200.

Let’s continue to keep film alive!

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